Aquatic Agents Ltd

Building automonmous soft-body underwater vehicles and other projects

This company provides software, hardware and mixed bespoke projects. We develop and design underwater vehicles as platforms for research into novel propulsion methods. These are rapid prototypes built to scientifically explore the concepts and technology. We have built scientific instruments, software models, and statistical models for academic and commercial projects. We don't sell finished products at present. We are based in the UK.   



email : info@ the same domain name as the website. 



We started in academic study of animals. But our inspriration comes from anywhere in the natural world.



We have a great deal of experience of individual and agent based models of fish and insects. Individual based models are used to predict the behaviour of similar individuals whereas agent based models use agents that interact with each other during the instantiation of the model. A subtle but important difference, especially in terms of interpreting the results. We'd be interested in making more of these models. Have a look here under this red fish head logo for some examples of the sort of projects with which we have been involved.